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    Isobella Caroline Boucher Music


  • Isobella Caroline Boucher  Music

    Electronica Doll

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    Electronica Doll a.k.a  Isobella Caroline Boucher


    "Electronica Doll" aka Isobella Caroline Boucher is a singer/musician/singer from New York City. She began singing and composing four years ago with Riddem Factory in Brooklyn NY. Her influences are blues, pop, jazz, rock and electronica. Please enjoy Sorrow Clouds and her music. Peace and Love

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    Please vote for "Sorrow Clouds" at Grammy Amplifier Music Contest  http://grammyamplifier.com/artists/submission/sorrow-clouds

    Her music has been described as exotic and intoxicating in her style and the way she can re invent Electronica Music.

    Title Text

    Sorrow Clouds

    Sorrow Clouds

    Composer Isobella Caroline Boucher

    Lyrics Isobella Caroline Boucher



    Like a Child with Butterfly Wings

    A child with Butterfly Wings"


    "Take my hand and dance with me. Turn me in circles , fall to my feet..."


    Ohhh that would be .....


    "With your hands that are stronger than mine

    for you will never find another girl with a woman in her eyes like a child floating in the air...."


    ahhh ohhh ohhh.


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    Sorrow Clouds Single

    A song about Love

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    Press Release

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    Video Music Stars



    December 30, 2015


    #music #news #new york city # la # alternative music

    Electronica Doll aka Isobella Caroline Boucher is a singer/composer, formally of the Band Daniel Sketches Isobella. She has decided to branch out as a solo artist and her new premiere album “Was it all a Dream” will be coming out shortly. In the meantime she has dropped the track, “Like A Child With Butterfly Wings”. This music has no boundaries or categories. It’s almost Debussy-like in its expansiveness and seeming lack of traditional structure. Electronica Doll creates music that assists folks in coping with the daily stress of being an inescapable hybrid of animal, spirit, and machine. This will obviously not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy post-modern assimilations and music that tests your comprehension to the point of accepting the sheer joy of abstraction, give this track a spin.


    to read more  http://videomusicstars.com/electronica-doll-like-a-child-with-butterfly-wings-this-music-has-no-boundaries-or-categories/


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    Isobella Caroline Boucher

     classical pieces

    The complete contemplation is called The Forest. It is a classical post modern compulation.

    Forest I ( classical)

    The Maze thru the Forest II (classical)

    The Entanglement III (classical)

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    The Music Video of "Like a Child With Butterfly Wings" is an official Selection

    in December 2015 music video Competition

    winner choosen

    January 10 2016

    Isobella Caroline Boucher  music

    Official Selection Trailer

    "Like a Child with Butterfly Wings"

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    Electronica Girl Music on mixcloud


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    Electronica Girl Music on Soundcloud


    Isobella Caroline Boucher

    Electronica Girl

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    Isobella Caroline Boucher

    Electronica Doll

    Featured on Bobby Craymer's Video "Persian Eyes, Last Romance and She Comes to Me ( model on video)


    Bobby Craymer Music

    She Comes To Me

    Bobby Craymer

    Persian Eyes

    Bobby Craymer Music

    Like a Rose

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    Bobby Craymer Music

    find more on Soundcloud


  • Music Videos of Electronica Doll a.k.a Isobella Caroline Boucher Music

    Have a Listen ....for more music of Isobella Caroline Boucher go to https://soundcloud.com/isobella-caroline-boucher 







    "Music is a part of my soul that resonates through every part of my being"

    Isobella Caroline Boucher

    To create music is a gift, to hear music is one of the most beautiful things that this earth has given. A form of expression that can ease us at any time in our life"

    Isobella Caroline Boucher

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